Salon and Products

The salon

The building of the salon was completely self-managed. The salon is partly erected from recycled materials. There is a lot of natural light coming in through the sliding French door that runs along the total length of the salon.

The entrance to the salon is located at the back of the garden and is accessible through the garden gate. By making use of wood and steel the salon has a robust, yet intimate character.


I use the following products:

OShampoo van het merk Orofluidorofluido


A complete, mildly cleansing shampoo consisting of three natural oils:

-Argan oil, liquid gold from the desert

-Cyperus oil, pure silk

-Linseed oil for instant shine

The Orofluido shampoo is suitable for each hair type. The shampoo is light of texture and silky smooth: pure luxury that encases the hair.


A unique beauty conditioner consisting of three natural oils:

  • Argan oil, liquid gold from the desert
  • Cyperus oil, pure silk
  • Linseed oil for instant shine

This well-balanced mixture of three natural oils improves, repairs and fortifies the beauty of the hair, making it shine beautifully again.

The lovely smell of amber and vanilla will fascinate and transcend you to the exotic world of Eastern perfume. The Orofluido conditioner is suitable for every hair type, has a light texture and is silky smooth: pure luxury that encases the hair.


Manicure treatment spray

An essential part of the manicure, for preparation and decontamination of the area of treatment. Enriched with Orange Blossom and Rosemary, it refreshes and repairs.

Skintruth Hand Scrub

Hand scrub

The Death Sea salt scrubs hands, removes dead skin cells and refines the texture of the skin. Neroli has supporting and repairing qualities, while the rosemary rehydrates.

Nourishing hand creme

Nourishes and revitalizes hands. Neroli has supporting and repairing qualities, while the rosemary rehydrates and protects. Leaving your skin soft and supple.


Skintruth Replenishing Hand Mask, a relaxing mask to nourish and replenish your skin. The combination of neroli and rosemary repairs and leave the skin soft and smooth.

Nourishing oil

Professional treatment of your nails. The special formula nourishes and repairs damaged and irritated cuticles. The vitamin enriched product stimulates growth and healthy nails.

L’avoly Styling

L’avoly is a new brand, which will help you keep your beautiful hair style with these wonderful styling- and care products.


Cream: The Special One

A special cream that has ten different uses: disentangle, protect against split ends, boost shine, control frizzy hair, protect against heat, rehydrate, protect hair color, protect against salt and chlorine, protect against UV-radiation, to dry more easily and style quicker.

This product is also the ideal product to apply on the hair fibers first, before you use any styling products, to maximize the effect of your styling products. It’s also the ideal care product for your extensions.

Frizz control cream

This cream puts an end to frizzy hair and makes your hair shine and feel silky smooth. The result will last until the next wash. Hydrates wavy, curly, frizzy and dry hair and gives it elasticity. The ultimate product to reduce volume and make your hair perfectly smooth.

The volume spray creates spectacular volume and soft, natural control. Puts an end to static electricity, especially with fine hair. Very suitable to refreshen your hair in between stylings. Flexible reinforcement.